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Every Brittles product is made with only the finest ingredients! Our thirteen scrumptious brittles are a delicious taste treat--thin, buttery, crunchy candy loaded with lots of nuts and not at all sticky. Each brittle is made in small batches (approximately 2 ˝ lbs.) with real dairy butter, pure extracts, high quality raw nutmeats and lots of love and attention to ensure a superior brittle.

At Brittles, we take pride in making our treats the old-fashioned way. We never take shortcuts; never do we use artificial ingredients or cheaper substitutes. The homemade, tasty, rich, buttery caramel and the creamy fondant in our creams and scrumptious chocolate covered cherries are made right here at Brittles. Our goal at Brittles is to offer products which are unique in quality and superior in taste. Freshness is key, so we NEVER keep quantities on hand, awaiting your order. Every Brittles product is made just prior to the requested shipping date. Now that’s fresh!! We want you to be able to taste the pride we take in our confections. Try some and you’ll see what we mean.


Brittles would like to thank all of you, our valued customers, for your continuing support. The upcoming holiday season will be the start of our 17th year, and we couldn’t have done it without you.
Thank you!

Please select any of the buttons above to check out our product information and to see our array of goodies
available to you as a special treat or as a great gift for
those “hard-to-get-for” people for every occasion.

Brittles has been doing fundraisers for several years. Do you know of a nonprofit organization that would
be interested in a fifty-percent profit? Brittles could be the answer. Please contact us for further information.

Brittles ships throughout the year. Please let us know if your order does not arrive in satisfactory condition.
Extra charges MAY be needed for insulated packaging and/or expedited shipping. Rest assured, extra
charges will never be added without your prior approval. Quite often, we are able to work around the
weather with our normal packaging and shipping options.

Please note that Brittles' candies are processed in surroundings where nuts are used in various products.
There may be traces of different nuts, including peanuts, in our chocolates.

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