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Vanilla Caramel Rounds

Real butter, cream, whole milk and lots of other high-quality ingredients are simmered over a low heat until golden
brown and then poured into delicious little rounds. After the caramel has cured, the individual rounds are
wrapped in a special caramel release paper and then gold foil which are then packaged in a clear, diagonal-gold-stripe bag.

10 Vanilla Caramel Rounds
6 oz. Bag
20 Vanilla Caramel Rounds
12 oz. Bag

Chocolate Caramel Rounds

Our delicious yummy caramel simmered with real dark chocolate results in an extremely tasty,
flavorful chocolate caramel. After the caramel has cured, the individual rounds are wrapped in a special
caramel release paper and then gold foil which are then packaged in a clear, diagonal-gold-stripe bag.

10 Chocolate Caramel Rounds
6 oz. Bag

20 Chocolate Caramel Rounds
12 oz. Bag


Chocolate Dipped Vanilla Caramel Rounds

Delicious Vanilla Caramel Rounds dipped in your choice of luscious milk, dark or white chocolate.
18 of the delectable chocolate rounds are then packaged in a clear, diagonal-gold-stripe bag.

Milk Chocolate
White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate

14 oz. Vanilla Caramel Block

Our delightful, rich, creamy caramel can be substituted wherever a recipe calls for Kraft caramels. Click on the Recipes button to check out the Caramel Brownies recipe which originally called for Kraft caramels. Instead of having to unwrap all those individual caramels, you just have to unwrap one 14 oz. (the same net weight of Kraft caramels) block. How easy is that? You just thin our delicious caramel on your stove top by adding a little milk to the caramel in a heavy sauce pan or in a microwaveable bowl in your microwave. Just be sure to use a low heat setting with your stove top and/or your microwave. This is trial and error depending on the type of sauce pan you are using and the size and type of microwave you have. Just take is slow until you get a feel for how the caramel is reacting to what you are doing. Stir the milk in as the caramel melts. Keep adding milk until you reach the desired consistency. You might want it softer for ice cream than you would for dipping apple slices. Unless you are using the caramel for a recipe which calls for 14 oz. of caramel, you donít have to use the caramel block all at once. You can cut off what you would like and wrap the remainder in plastic wrap. The caramel may also be frozen. Wrap the portion of caramel you want to freeze in plastic wrap and then put your caramel into a zip-lock freezer bag and pop it in the freezer. I would suggest that when you are ready to use the caramel that you take it out of the freezer and let it come to room temperature before you open it so that one, it is easier to cut, and two, that the condensation moisture is on the bag and not the caramel. One very important tip, be sure to always set your caramel pieces down on plastic wrap or parchment paper to keep it from sticking as it will stick to anything and everything it comes in contact with.

Vanilla Caramel Block
14 oz.

Caramel Apples

Large tart, crisp Granny Smith apples dipped in our delicious homemade buttery, creamy caramel.

Plain Caramel Apple
Caramel dipped apple rolled in finely chopped roasted salted peanuts
Caramel dipped apple rolled in large pecan pieces
Apple dipped in caramel,
rolled in small pecan pieces and then drizzled with milk and white chocolates (over 1#)

Caramel Corn

Rich, buttery, crunchy, caramel coated popcorn. Absolutely delish!!

Gold Striped Bag -- 4 oz.
Gold Striped Bag -- 6 oz.
Gold Striped Bag -- 11 oz.
Apple pail -- 10 oz.
Please note that Brittles' candies are processed in surroundings where nuts are used in various products.
There may be traces of different nuts, including peanuts, in our chocolates.
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