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Raspberry Salsa

The  Raspberry Salsa is made with fresh raspberries by Chef Ivo of the Galena Canning Company.  The raspberry salsa is wonderfully fresh tasting with almost no heat.  You may serve it with chips, veggies, or on salads.  Try it on grilled chicken or your favorite seafood.  Fat Free!  Three time award winner!

Raspberry Salsa 8 oz.
Raspberry Salsa 16 oz.

GalenaMite Blasting Stick

Now on the other end of the heat scale, there is GalenaMite Blasting Sauce which is a secret blend of 20 hot peppers from Habanero to Jalapeno, vinegar, salt, garlic and Chef Ivo's spices.  100% natural.  All the flavor with all the heat!  WARNING: Extremely hot, use with fear!  Not for crybabies, whimps or chile  fearing mortals!  Open, Enjoy, Sweat!! This hot sauce is bottled uniquely -- it looks like a stick of dynamite complete with fuse.

GalenaMite Blasting Stick 4 oz.


Foxgloves Gardening Gloves

These wonderful gardening gloves are still available at the discounted price.
I hope all who ordered the gloves last year were pleased with their performance.
They are available in the following sizes and colors:
 Small  Moss Green (not pictured) (1), Periwinkle Blue (1), Tulip Red (1), and Iris Purple (1).
Medium Spring Green  (3), Moss Green (not pictured) (1), Iris Purple (1), Tulip Red (1), Delphinium Blue (2), Fuchsia Pink (1), and Crow Black (1)
 Large Spring Green  (1), Moss Green (not pictured) (1), Compost Brown (2), Iris Purple (1), Delphinium Blue (1), Fuchsia Pink (1), and Crow Black (1).

 Colors                   Size

Please note that Brittles' candies are processed in surroundings where nuts are used in various products.
There may be traces of different nuts, including peanuts, in our chocolates.
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