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Go Nuts Every Day!

Have you had your handful of nuts today? Fresh, raw tree nuts, such as almond, Brazil, cashew, hazelnut, macadamia, pecan, pistachio and walnut, taste great and are so good for you. To keep tree nuts as fresh as possible, store them in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to six months, or up to a year in the freezer. So fresh! So tasty! So healthy! And even economical as our packages contain a full fresh, nutritious pound of nuts! Tree nuts are perfect as a tasty snack between meals. Research has shown that they may keep you full longer. For better portion control, divide your favorite tree nuts into 1½-ounce portions and store them in individual bags. This way, you can simply grab a bag of nuts on your way out the door or keep several bags on hand in the car or in your desk, for easy snacking.

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Roasted Salted Cashews

Roasted Salted Cashews - 180 count - the largest roasted salted cashews we can get from our supplier. The 180 count means that it takes
on average 180 whole cashews to equal a pound. Your choice of packaging is filled with whole cashews. Occasionally a whole cashew will split
during the filling process and those remain.  The container you receive should be almost entirely filled with whole cashews. The whole roasted salted cashews are absolutely delish!! They make an excellent, tasty and attractive gift which is why we have included a variety of gift options for you.

1 lb.
packed in clear cello bag
1/2 lb. Tin

1 lb. Tin

2 lb. Tin


Roasted Salted Deluxe Mixed Nuts with Macadamias and NO Peanuts

Giant cashews, Jr. mammoth pecans, natural almonds, blanched almonds, blanched filberts, macadamia nuts, blanched Brazil nuts, and
shelled pistachios. The mix is attractive, the nuts huge, fresh and super yummy. Like the roasted salted cashews, the deluxe mixed nuts
make an excellent and attractive gift. Again we have included a variety of gift options for you.

packed in clear cello bag
1/2 lb. Tin

1 lb. Tin

2 lb. Tin


Brazilian Nut Crunch

Our new product for this year is Brazilian Nut Crunch. If any of you remember Rain Forest Crunch, this is very similar. Ground Brazil nuts and ground Roasted Salted Cashews cooked with a decadent mix of cream, sugars and butter—a firm but not hard crunchy treat to tempt your taste buds!

7 oz. Bag
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20 oz. Bag
20 oz. Tin
14 oz. Refill

28 oz. Tin
28 oz. Refill
57 oz. Tin
57 oz. Refill


Fancy Jumbo Pecan Halves  - 1lb.
Raw, fresh, scrumptious pecans. The number one tree nut for its
content of antioxidants. Pecans just seem to be the ultimate favorite of most people. Definitely a nut to snack on and are extremely versatile in baking and cooking. You can tell our pecans are fresh because they look plump, not dry and withered. There are about 18 – 20 pecan halves
in an ounce. Our 1# clear cello bags contain fancy jumbo pecan halves
with some pieces interspersed.

Fancy Large Pecan Pieces  - 1lb.
Raw, fresh and ready to use in most recipes without too much chopping. Even the pieces are nice and fresh looking. The fancy large pecan
pieces are packaged in a 1# clear cello bag.

Glazed Pecans

Just yummy! Some sugar, a little cinnamon and egg white, some slow baking, a little stirring and the outcome
is a delicious, nutty, snack treat attractively packaged in our clear cello, gold-diagonal-stripe bag.

8 oz.

1 lb.

Almonds Black Walnuts
Whole Raw - 1lb.
 Raw, whole, fresh, delicious almonds. There are about 20 – 24 almonds
in an ounce.  The almonds are packaged in a 1# clear cello bag
Large Pieces Raw  - 1lb.
Large broken pieces of fresh, pungent black walnuts. Haven’t heard of
too many people just wanting to snack on these, but they sure are
good in fudge, brownies, divinity and in our traditional  holiday
cranberry salad. Click on  the recipes button to find our holiday cranberry salad and more. The black walnuts are packaged in a 1# clear cello bag.

Brazil Nuts English Walnuts
Whole Raw  - 1lb.
Raw, whole, fresh, delicious Brazil nuts. There are about 6 – 8 Brazil
nuts in an ounce. The ones we have been getting lately are just huge.
The Brazil nuts are packaged in a 1# clear cello bag.

Halves/Pieces  - 1lb.
Raw, fresh, English walnuts--great for snacking and great for baking.
There are about 8 – 11 walnut halves in an ounce. Walnuts come in
second to pecans in their content of antioxidants. Our 1# clear cello
bags contain a combination of halves and pieces of English walnuts
Hazelnuts Pistachios
Whole Raw  - 1lb.
Or do you call them filberts? Raw, whole, fresh, delicious hazelnuts. Hazelnuts may be used in almost everything—coffees, cheesecakes, chocolate, cookies and are delicious plain as well. Another great snacking nut. There are about 18 – 20
hazelnuts in an ounce. The hazelnuts are packaged in a 1# clear cello bag.

Shelled Raw  - 1lb.
Raw, shelled, whole pistachios. These pistachios are probably best for cooking or baking. There are about 47 – 49 pistachios in an ounce. The whole pistachios are packaged in a 1# clear cello bag.

Snack Mixes

Sweet 'N Salty South of the Border
An even mixture of roasted & salted peanuts,
almonds, cashews, raisins and M7M's
An even mixture of spicy corn sticks, freshly roasted and seasoned
peanuts, sunflower seeds and pepitas.

6 oz.
packaged in a clear cello bag
1 lb.
packaged in a clear cello bag
6 oz.
packaged in a clear cello bag
1 lb.
packaged in a clear cello bag

Whole Pitted Dates

Dried Whole Pitted Dates  -  1lb.
These soft and chewy dried dates may be stored at room temperature
in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up to 6 months or the refrigerator for up to a year may be frozen.
The dates are packaged
in a clear cello 1# bag


Dried Sweetened Cranberries - 1 lb.
These dried sweetened cranberries are soft and chewy! A healthy, delicious snack, plain or sprinkled on your cereal  or substituted in any recipe for raisins. The sweetened dried cranberries may be stored in the same manner as the dates above. The dried sweetened cranberries are packaged in a clear cello 1# bag.


Dried Turkish Whole Apricots - 1 lb.
These dried apricots are soft and chewy! A healthy, delicious, satisfying snack! The dried apricots may be stored in the same manner as the dates above. The dried Turkish apricots are packaged in a clear cello 1# bag.

Chocolate Dipped Dried Apricots

Delicious bite-sized Apricots partially dipped in dark, milk or white chocolate. The delectable treats
packaged in appropriate seasonal cello bags are absolutely delish and extremely eye appealing.

Milk Chocolate Dipped Dried Apricots
12 oz.
Dark Chocolate Dipped Dried Apricots
12 oz.
White Chocolate Dipped Dried Apricots
12 oz.

“While visions of Sugar-Plums danced in their heads” – Kate and Joe, long-time customers, shared their Sugar-Plum recipe with Brittles.
Finely chopped dates, apricots and toasted almonds mixed together with a little honey, cinnamon and allspice which are formed into little
balls and rolled in powdered sugar.  An all-vegetarian treat for the holidays: no dairy. We age the Sugar-Plums in cold storage until
they’re ready for your table. Packaged in our attractive burgundy gift box.

Box of 6
Box of 12
Box of 24


Extra Large Chilean - 1 lb.



Please note that Brittles' candies are processed in surroundings where nuts are used in various products.
There may be traces of different nuts, including peanuts, in our chocolates.

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